Why UX Is So Important in Enterprise App Development

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When it comes to designing a fantastic enterprise app that your entire team will enjoy using every day to get things done and stay on track with their tasks and projects, there’s one area that you definitely shouldn’t ignore, and that is user experience, which is also referred to as UX. Continue reading to learn more about why UX is so important in enterprise app development, and then go by this link if you want to hire a pro.


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First Off, What’s UX?

It should go without saying that the user’s experience within your app will play a major role in whether or not your app is a success. You don’t want to go through the time and trouble of developing an app for your team, only to find that they absolutely hate navigating it and would rather not use it. After all, your enterprise app should be used to boost productivity and efficiency, not undermine them.

User experience goes beyond merely enjoying the use of an app, though, as it should also be something that you can actually measure. Don’t confuse user experience with user experience design. The design of your app should fulfil your user’s needs, as well as your business’s goals, but it’s different from usability, which focuses upon an app’s logistics. These logistics include how easy the app is to learn, how efficient and effective it is, and how many errors occur while using it.

Applying UX to Enterprise App Development

An enterprise app is one that all of your employees will utilise within your organisation to get things done, so your workers are your end users, and their needs are the ones that you need to factor into the creation of your app.

Even though you might be used to creating products and services that really speak to your clients and customers, when it comes to developing an enterprise app, it’s all about your employees, so the same tactics and designs likely won’t work. In other words, you need to focus on creating an enterprise app that will work for your employees, not for your clients, and that sometimes requires surveying your employees to get to know their needs and expectations better.

Design an Enterprise App That Mirrors the Best Consumer Apps

Remember that, in addition to being your employees, your workers are also consumers. Therefore, when you approach them with an enterprise app that they need to download and begin using every day, they’ll be expecting the app to be designed in a way that their favourite consumer-level apps are designed. They expect nothing less than being able to quickly learn your enterprise app, and this is where UX comes in. After all, why shouldn’t your business’s app work just as well, and look just as polished, as apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and Evernote?

Finally, bear in mind that your workers won’t have the option to delete your enterprise app and never use it again if they don’t like it. They’ll be forced to use it and complain about it if it isn’t designed well. By simply incorporating UX into your app, you’ll achieve great results.

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