Why there is a Need for Those Constant and Annoying Software Updates

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A text message notification from your main mobile data service provider makes for one of the worst ways through which to realise what your computer has been up to, right under your nose, without your knowledge! This is something quite a lot of people report to go through, shortly after having started using their new laptops running Windows 10.

What’s with the constant updates? Surely previous versions weren’t this hungry for all the data needed to run these constant updates?

Pretty much the same seems to be applicable to all manner of all the other apps you use, including those on your smartphone or other mobile device. We’ll stick to full-sized computers like your laptop for this discussion though, because these are the devices which best explain the need for those constant software updates, as annoying as they may be.


At the core of constant updates is security. I mean sure, Windows XP may very well go down as the best version of Windows Microsoft has ever made, according to many people, but there’s just no way we could still be using it safely and securely today.

Malicious hacker groups only need time to eventually figure out and expose vulnerabilities in popular systems that power up many devices across the world, so every now and again updates are required to make sure everything isn’t completely figured out.

The same is true with regards to actual anti-virus software. Your antivirus appears to always be updating because it needs to keep up with the new malware constantly being evolved as well!

Just as businesses must remain vigilant against emerging threats of automated software programs that can mimic human actions on the internet (bots), antivirus software must continuously adapt to combat these evolving dangers. Having a proper understanding of what are bots and the security risks they present is vital in maintaining the overall security of businesses and their digital assets.


Updates are usually made on the back of end-user feedback, a lot of which is passive in the form of your activity sending back anonymous data to the software vendors. Surely you must have enjoyed a new feature added to some programme you use, wondering how on earth they thought to finally add what was clearly something you could really do with?!


When you register with an online casino for the first time and you take advantage of the free bonus no deposit is required, right? That’s not an offer you’ll find too often, or indeed one which will last forever when you do find it, but that all forms part of what makes up the need for constant updates. It’s all about scaling up. As new users join something like an online betting platform, the scaling up can only be patched in via those annoying little updates you have to put up with, otherwise the entire site or platform would have to be shut down temporarily for so-called “scheduled maintenance.”

Besides, when it comes to betting apps and online casino platforms, you barely notice the updates, but it’s important to consider it from the point of view of scalability. It only helps you as one player for the platforms you’re betting on to have as many other players as possible.

And of course, recurring profit

There’s no getting around it – software companies won’t make money if they only put out a product once and didn’t need to engage with it any further!

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