Why it is very important for hotel companies to have an engaging online presence

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The way a traveller books a holiday has certainly evolved since the early days of the central reservation system (CRS) as tourists can now immediately book online. The CRS was a technology that was huge in a certain era, and it’s not really that long ago that hotel websites were created. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) provide third-party websites where firms can reach out to a wider audience to increase bookings. What is most important for hotel firms is that their website is amazing to look at and use. Companies need to ensure their site includes fantastic photo galleries and short videos to entice tourists to their residences. Gathering customer feedback using a reputation management site like https://reputation.com/products/insights-actions/ can help to enhance the customer experience further – when you know what your customers want, you can more easily give it to them.

By having a wonderful website travellers will be encouraged to make a direct booking and that way hotels can make larger profits. The modern way to find a hotel is for travellers to wander from website to website searching for the right property. The best place usually involves a good price, so hotel companies should put their rates clearly online and not add any extras at a later stage. Tourists want to see consistency on a website as sometimes a typical web page does not look like the booking engine. This can be somewhat off-putting and might result in a potential customer heading to another accommodation website.

A fabulous booking engine provider will know what is important for hotel companies to focus on for travellers to enjoy their customer journey. The reality is that a website is like a brochure or a salesperson trying to put across a pitch about a residence. It has to look great for anyone to want to reserve a room there and a traveller has to trust what they are seeing. It can include the hotel amenities, parking facilities, whether the hotel has check-in automation technology like what KIOSK (https://kiosk.com/market-solutions/hospitality-kiosks/) makes available, and a lot more. What is vital is that hotel companies understand how crucial customer experience is to the whole process. After all, it is the hospitality industry. The customer starts the trip at the point where they begin to look at hotel websites, so it is essential that this initial experience is positive as it could generate into a sale.

A great tip is to include a message on the booking engine of hotel websites that allows tourists to find out about the low amount of rooms available with a special deal. This will encourage them to make the choice of booking as soon as possible. A website can also introduce a price comparison section that allows tourists to be able to see various online rates. The most significant part of creating a great website is to try and get customer feedback as then improvements can be made to generate a fabulous online presence.

Businesses should use hotel marketing company Booking Direct that will help with the improvement of any reservation system. The experts at this leading company will ensure that they create a booking engine that looks great on all mediums including desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. The system includes a number of languages and is multi-currency allowing a greater ease of use from tourists around the world. Help will be given to integrate social media platforms onto the site and the consultants will also add the Price Check facility. This tool compares live OTA rates with the direct hotel website rate to attract new guests.

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