What Risks Do You Run by Migrating to the Cloud Without Support?

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You’ve almost certainly been told how important it is to migrate your business IT network to the cloud, and you’ve probably been bombarded with lists of advantages that come along with such a move. By now, you’re probably more than ready to go ahead with cloud migration, but, unless you happen to be an expert when it comes to cloud architecture, you really shouldn’t make the move by yourself.

Migrating to the cloud often sounds quite straightforward, but you run plenty of risks by moving ahead without proper support from a business it support company. With this in mind, working with a team of experienced tech support professionals is strongly recommended when migrating your business IT network to the cloud.

Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about how an IT support company can guide you through this process, reaching out to an it business consulting company like Red Bigfoot could help you to plan your next steps.

A complex operation

When cloud migration is conducted by a professional, it can indeed be quite easy, but that professional will probably have developed a complex plan to deal with the process. You see, shifting from internal systems to the cloud involves your whole business. Employees across all levels of your business are going to be affected; if you make a mistake, reams of data can be lost and an unhealthy number of working hours can be sacrificed.

Incompatibility concerns

One of the most common problems that businesses run into when they decide to migrate to the cloud unaided is finding that not all their systems are compatible. Your own business servers might be incompatible with the cloud platform you’ve selected, so you’ll either need to choose another or have the applications significantly rewritten, something that consumes a lot of time and money. Even if two systems work together, you might miss out on the fullest potential of your cloud platform by picking something slightly incompatible.

The security balance

Security is clearly a major concern for the 21st century business. An IT support professional will optimise security during cloud migration in ways that you probably won’t be capable of replicating alone. They will be able to set different levels of security for different applications based around their importance. You could try doing the same, but it’s hard to get the balance right – as well as covering your most vulnerable data, you’ll probably end up overprotecting mundane data, which is only going to frustrate your staff and reduce productivity.

Cloud migration around your needs

There are many different ways to operate on the cloud, and it can be tricky to identify which one is going to be most advantageous for your business. Again, an IT support professional’s assistance will be crucial – they’ll be able to craft a cloud migration plan that perfectly works around your own precise needs and wants.

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