What ‘Must-Haves’ Should Be in Place for Your Ecommerce Website?

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There are several ways that ecommerce has helped to make buying and selling a lot easier for consumers and retailers. Yet, there are still some ecommerce websites that make the entire purchasing process so frustrating that consumers wonder if online shopping is truly more convenient than shopping at a brick and mortar store.

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Do you want a customer base that is happy and wants to return to your online store? If so, be sure you have all the necessary web development and design elements in place on your site.

Shopping Cart

Convenience is hands down why most consumers shop online. Do not make your customers think too much when they are going through the checkout process. Make sure the shopping cart is visible to customers the entire time, and make sure the site is designed to inform customers when a new item has been added to their cart. This way they will not have to wonder if an item they selected is actually in their shopping cart or not.

Site Organisation

If you have a messy brick and mortar retail location, you will lose customers. It is the same when your store has an online presence. A cluttered and disorganised website design can overwhelm and make the shopping experience confusing for your customers.

Keep each page of your site clutter free, and make sure that only information relevant to the products shown is posted on the page.

Mobile Enabled

Is your website accessible to mobile users? If it not, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. If you have a mobile enabled site, do you have a mobile app for your site? Mobile technology has forever changed the way the ecommerce industry operates. To stay ahead of your competition, you will need to learn everything there is to know about mobile app development and develop an additional tool that can help increase your bottom line.

Payment Options

Encourage more sales by offering your customers a variety of different ways that they can pay. For example, offer customers the choice to pay you through a payment processor like PayPal, or with their credit/debit card.

Increase your sales potential by placing a currency converter on your website for international customers. Ease your customers’ fears by proving your business is trustworthy. Make sure all security precautions are in place, and be very upfront about your exchange/refund policy. Businesses should also check PII (Personally Identifiable Information) regulations to make sure they’re holding data legally too. Anything from a customer’s address to their credit card details could be identifiable, so it’s important that the business is constantly compliant with these laws. Visit https://www.tokenex.com/solutions/privacy-compliance to learn more.

Search Tool

Nothing will get your visitors to click out of your website quicker than not being able to locate an item on your website, and having no way to search for it. The search bar should be located on every page of your website, and it should be placed as close to the top of the page as possible. Most people automatically look at the top right corner of a web page to find the search bar. By placing it there, it will be easier for them to find it.

When you are setting up your ecommerce website, you can expect many rewards if it is set up correctly. However, you can expect frustration if the development and design is not user friendly for your customers.

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