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It is amazing just how much the evolution of technology has become a major highlight of the twenty-first century. Today life has become much easier and flexible that one can carry out errands so effortlessly at the push of a button or rather at the tap of a screen.

This is all thanks to the many appraisers, who come up with new ideas every day, and the developers who turn these ideas into reality. Take, for instance, this scenario. While someone might come up with an idea of an app that helps track how many calories a person consumes each day, a mobile app development company similar to Tack Mobile might help it become reality by designing and developing the application.

Anyway, enough with the little chit-chat and let’s get down to business. Let us swiftly move on to the applications that can help you to save money in your household.


At the top of the list, we have Mint. This free mobile application managed to catch the eye of more than 20 million smartphone users all over the globe since it was launched. This app sources all financial information into one location and enables users to view their balances and transaction records as long as they have linked their account to this app.


Next we have Level, which is a decent beginner app that helps its users plan and manage their expenses. Like Mint, it collects user expenditure data and uses it to calculate average daily and monthly cost, and also project how the user should spend to save.


Digit is a mobile application that seeks to make saving as automatic as possible. Like most money-saving apps, it uses user records to determine spending habits and transfer money into a savings account on behalf of the user.


This mobile app is the first utility app and sets to ease and simplify day to day financial management. It also lets you set and determine your financial goals for better planning.


Speedometer, obviously coined from the word speedometer is an app that lets you keep records of your day to day spending. It’s also surprising how some aspects of the application look like a speedometer. It enables you to set a budget but compared to other apps it isn’t as much flexible as you would hope but it is indeed an easy app to use.


The Daily Budget app provides an alternative when it comes to using apps to save cash if the other apps don’t meet your expectations. All you have to do is just link to your bank account and just let it do the rest.


This is an app that was designed by the Lau brothers. Thumbs up for the brothers for making this creative app. The app lets you set your goals and prioritize them. It also allows you to share your goals with other users around the globe.


This app was designed to help users in tracking their bills and their due dates to prevent bills from piling up. It is suitable and highly recommended for those who have a lot on their hands at work.


This app was designed to help the user to monitor household consumption such as water and electricity and enable them to economize their usage appropriately.


This application by Amazon is set out to assist the user in securing deals of up to 75 per cent off. It also enables the user to set preferences as well as favourites that suit his or her needs appropriately.

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