The Tech World is Your Career Oyster

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To those who are even in the slightest bit aware of current affairs, you’ll be fully aware of the fact that the financial sector is leading the way in mega wealth creation, with the likes of brokers, bankers, insurers and other financial services providers generating insane wealth within a very short space of time. True to the nature of the financial sector, it is a bit of a bet however and not all of us have the means with which to start our own insurance companies and the likes so that we can effectively print our own money through practices such as skimming (charging seemingly negligible fees for services such as trading).

If you have a look at the current Forbes Rich List however, apart from it being led by the software guy (Bill Gates), you’ll notice that it is indeed dominated more by such people in the tech industry than those in the financial industry. This is only a proportionate representation of the reality of the opportunity landscape presented by the software industry in comparison to the financial sector. Yes, people working in the financial sector can also become insanely rich, as is happening all the time, but in the tech sector the opportunity to become wealthy is more widespread.

Not all brokers and bankers working for a specific big banking institution have equal opportunity to make mega bucks, for example, whereas in a big tech company like Bill Gates’ Microsoft or even Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook more of the people involved with such companies walk away with handsome sums of money. Elon Musk, for example, is one of the richest people in the world, and he’s made his fortune purely by developing tech companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

In the tech world your career is essentially your oyster because you can literally take just about any route and make a good living for yourself, as is the case with many regular programmers, some of whom even work for start-up tech companies, who don’t even hold stock but merely earn a salary.

There are layers to making it big in the tech industry however, but each of the various options still makes for some encouraging reading.

Plan for the Future

Joining an up-and-coming tech company will ensure you have job security for years to come. If you want to be involved in a tech venture that you’re interested in, it’s your best option to get a foot in the door. Look over here on this page, for example, if you want to join the autonomous vehicle industry. It’s a rapidly growing area of technology that will continue growing over our lifetimes, so you won’t have to worry about the industry going under any time soon.

Building Tech Solutions from Scratch

Naturally this takes some time to master with real confidence, but if you have a look at the likes of ACT CRM software, a contact management solution, you’ll realise that there are many gaps in the market to create software which someone, somewhere will have a need for. Considering that a vast majority of CRM software and related technologies are constantly being updated and improved by experts to meet the growing demands for technological capabilities, this is especially relevant. Regardless of whether it’s e-commerce, enterprise, or something as specific as automotive dealer CRM, every industry has a need for CRM software solutions that can suit their specific business needs. For instance, even the insurance industry is known to take the help of CRM software solutions nowadays. In the way modern insurance brokers operate, CRM software can play a crucial role. It can assist them in avoiding mundane tasks, thereby enabling them to spend more time making money. A CRM software solution similar to the one offered by iLife Technologies and its likes can boost productivity and enhance ROI. Moreover, by using this solution, insurance agents can gain a competitive advantage.

Specialising & Consulting

The abovementioned software solution comes to mind again as a great example of some software which opens up the opportunity for anyone who has the time to learn how to use it effectively to deploy as part of their specialist consultation. A company or business in need of some specialised manufacturing software for instance doesn’t have the time, resources or desire to train their own staff and hire a full-time, in-house team to manage that portion of their production line.

Specialist consultants perhaps even earn the most money for the least amount of work because what they normally do is just identify existing software solutions and then deploy those solutions for the specific need of the company they’re contracted to consult for.

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