The Best Free iPhone Apps on the Market

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It is an unavoidable part of owning technology that we have become deeply connected to the various applications we can instantly download to our home screens at the push of a finger. These bitesize widgets deliver convenience and ease of use, and a lot of the time they do so free of charge. In fact, a large number of the most popular apps used today are free from the App Store.

  • WhatsApp

Although social media can be seen as the most dominating force within the 21st century, there is no escaping how important instant, free messaging has become, especially since handsets have become so diverse. To avoid text charges, and to be able to connect instantaneously via your data package or local wi-fi, WhatsApp is an essential piece of software for many. Not only can you send messages, but you can call from the app itself, and send multimedia without additional fees. Users also have peace of mind that, thanks to their end-to-end encryption, the content we send is private.

  • SkyView

Moving away from the social aspect of our smartphones, there are apps such as Skyview that allow you a new means of interacting with the world around us. By using augmented reality, this widget seamlessly blends reality with the virtual world to help enhance the natural beauty of the night sky, therefore aiding star gazers to locate constellations. What separates it from other softwares of a similar nature is that you don’t have to venture outside for it to work, you need only point your camera upwards and watch the information pop up on screen.

  • Coral Sports and Gaming

Another great free app for recreational use is the multifaceted widget from one of the leading bookmakers in the UK. The dynamic selection of classic games, combined with the ability to have a punt on your favourite sport, create an entertainment epicentre that is ideal for a variety of different users. Due to the variation found here, both diehard gamers and casual users can turn their steely eye of the tiger to whatever activity they desire, and be in with the chance of winning. As the casual gaming industry has grown of late, the amount of different games available has increased rapidly, with online poker and other casino pastimes at the fore, therefore creating a greater need for free gaming.

  • Periscope

Having started out like Twitter, a domain rarely used by the masses in the beginning, the brand’s streaming feed, Periscope, has suddenly gained a huge following that threatens to upstage a lot of apps of a similar nature, primarily Snapchat. Designed for creating and sharing live videos, it allows users to express themselves for a longer period of time than that seen on Instagram, but without the finality of YouTube for the broadcast is erased after a 24 hour period. What was once a very niche domain is now going mainstream and attracting a lot of interest for recreational and professional uses, and as such is offering a new means of engagement for followers.

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