Technology’s place in design

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But what if we told you that as technology moves forward, the chances that robots will become a big part of our lives are ever increasing – maybe even stealing our jobs in a few years’ time.

According to a report from the University of Oxford, the jobs that are most likely to be taken over by robots include the roles of telemarketers and watch repairers, which both appeared in the top 20 list. Creative jobs got away a little more likely, with the roles of Art Director and Graphic Designers all ranked highly in the roles least likely to be taken over by A.I.

Why are creative jobs harder to mimic?

Precision Printing, business stationery expert, has delved into why this is by interviewing five design experts and finding out what makes them tick. By gaining insights into the minds of designers, they’ve discovered what’s so human about creativity, and why it can’t be replicated.

Check out the Masters of Design interview series, which delves into the thoughts of five designers. You’ll meet:

“I know that the best outcome will be if I’m left alone to do what I want.” A Dandypunk – Cirque du Soleil designer and creator

“Creativity will be the last thing computers steal from us.” Mike Kus – Mike Kus – Graphic design and branding specialist.

“Taking it back to the core idea is always helpful.” – Ryan McElderry, Senior Graphic Designer at Mediaworks.

“To be honest, my days are never typical. Who wants typical anyway?” – Timba Smits, Creative Director of Little White Lies.

“I get a kick out of pleasant surprises, when design combines a great idea and beautiful execution.” – Radim Malinic, Brand Nu.

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