Sending directions to your phone is as simple as a Google search

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Google is making the process of sending route directions from your PC to your phone simpler. Much simpler.

You know how it goes  – for one reason or another you decide to look up directions to a location on your computer. All is good until you’re out and about and you have to search for the same directionsagain on your smartphone. That’s just wasted time and Google hates that, so it’s adding a new feature to Google Search to quickly send directions from your computer to your phone.

Just type in “send directions” in Google Search and you will be shown a simple interface that lets you pick the place you want to get to. Your phone’s location is automatically selected as the starting point, though you can change it to any place you wish. After you enter the destination, just click “Send directions to my phone” and the route will load up in Google Maps on your device. Nifty!

The feature seems to be active in the US, though we couldn’t get it to work in Europe at the moment of this writing. But there’s no reason for Google not to roll this feature out globally, so it’s likely just a matter of time. “Send directions” joins “find my phone,” another location-related feature that is now accessible from Google Search.

Can you “send directions” yet? Sound like a useful feature for you?

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