Resurrect Your Apple Products

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As you know I love all things Mac and Apple, so over the years I have built up quite a collection. I find it tough to part with my old phones especially since I started buying iPhones. As a result, I have repurposed a lot of them.

New ways to use old devices

You can do all kinds of things with old smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops. They make great media centres, backup hard drives, digital picture frames and music players. The list of things you can do with these old devices is huge and growing all the time, as developers bring out new Apps.

Fix your broken devices

Despite the fact that you can do so much with these old devices, I still have quite a few rattling around in the drawer doing nothing. Some no longer hold a charge and another has a cracked screen.

In the past, getting these problems fixed was too expensive. When I broke the screen on my first iPhone, I got a quote. My local repair shop wanted a crazy amount of money, so I decided to invest in a new phone instead.

Today, getting that same screen repaired is less than a third of the price. The trick is to use a company that offers a national repair service.

There are plenty of these types of firms operating online. Whether you are looking for iPhone repair in Preston or Cambridge, you will find someone to do the repair for you.

When you find one, all you need to do is to tell the company what the issue is. They will then give you a quote.

If the price is low enough, you post your device off to the company. Once it is repaired, they send it back to you. I am planning to use this service to get some of my broken devices back up and running.

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