Psychological Mind-blowing Tricks Behind Casino Designs

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Architectural design of any casino is a psychological battlefield that aims at achieving one and only goal – to keep you, the player, inside as long as possible. It’s a well-known fact that casinos don’t have clocks or windows so that players can easily lose track of time. However, according to recent researches done at the University of Guelph, the most successful casinos are not at all dark, noisy and full of slot machines right at the entrance.

Some 30 years ago, Roger Thomas and Steve Wynn parted their ways with Bill Friedman’s conventional approach and designed casinos that contradicted all the original rules. In either way, both casino designs are still there, skillfully using their own tactics to play with your mind and make you feel welcome, enthusiastic and cozy for a long time.  An intriguing topic, you must admit.

Friedman’s Set of Principles

  • Décor. Dominant décor feature in Friedman casinos are the machines and tables. Carpets are usually patterned with colorful lines and splashes and extremely pleasing to the eye.
  • No clocks and no windows. Once you step inside, you lose any inkling of what is happening in the outside world. A window or two might be located near the entrance, but you won’t see any inside the casino. The same goes for clocks. If you were able to track the time in any way, you’d leave the place in order to do something else, like go to sleep. The casinos can’t really afford that, so they try to entertain you in the best possible way – by not letting you think of the world you came from.
  • The maze lay out principle. These casinos are intentionally designed as giant labyrinths with machines and tables forming obstacles in order to keep you from leaving.

Principles around the Playground Design

In contrast to Friedman, Thomas designed a playground model of casinos that include environmental elements designed to impel pleasure, luxury and legibility. The main principle is formed around the idea that people don’t like being confused or trapped while making bets. Wynn and Thomas thought that people would rather stay and play longer if they felt more relaxed. Slot machines at the very entrance cause anxiety, while the playground casino evokes feelings of magnificence and glamour. Thus, people tend to feel rich and glamorous if they spend time in such space.

This type of casino came as an opposition to all the previous rules. Friedman’s low ceiling, dim lighting and closed maze-like space lost its popularity. Instead, Thomas insisted on having elegant lobbies filled with glass décor and real flowers. Furthermore, he designed soaring ceilings and clear sight lines, so that people would easily navigate through the whole space. He even installed a huge clock and skylights and equipped casinos with stylish furniture.

How Casinos Play Trick on You

Casinos treat big winners like kings. These players get special treatment and enjoy all the luxury a casino can offer, so they stay there longer. If you were treated like royalty, you’d feel important. Yet, people tend to forget that it’s their fortune that is actually important. Mr Watanabe, an Omaha business owner who lost over $204 million in Las Vegas, is perhaps the best example. Staying at Caesars Palace in 2007, he got seduced by the subtle ambience and kingly treatment he received and managed to lose an enormous amount over the course of one year.

Reduced or free services called freebies are lifeblood of any casino. There are coupons for free meals, shows and various prizes that attract the players back into the game. Online casinos for the UK market offer their services in a similar way. In fact, the biggest amount of money comes from these smaller gamblers who eagerly come back to play thanks to various types of freebies.

For ladies and gents from the fab United Kingdom finding the best UK online casino with good offers is not that difficult if they’re experienced players who know what they have to deal with. But, if you’re a novice, consider consulting a more skillful gambler in order to learn all the tricks and not lose your savings instantly.

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