Online Gambling Strategy – Have Fun, Enjoy Yourself

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So today my focus falls squarely onto a topic I promised to subsequently revisit in an earlier post (or two perhaps), that being one of the actual strategies professional or semi-professional online gamblers use. I’d recently touched on developing your own strategy and sticking to it if you have any hopes of turning your online gambling forays into something which can pay you regularly — something which would suggest that you’d have to take the academic route and learn a bit about odds permutations and general statistical analytical principles. BORING!

In conducting some of my research I got in touch with an actual professional gambler, or rather a budding professional gambler who actually refers to herself as a semi-professional gambler. That’s where I got the phrase semi-pro gambler from.

So anyway, this self-professed semi-professional gambler is quite adept at walking away from just about every online gambling session either with some winnings she incrementally built up or with some residual credit which she resolves to use next time she goes online to enjoy a bit of online gambling, or rather to enjoy a lot of online gambling.

Her (Seemingly Effective) Online Gambling Strategy

The operative word she says in this equation is “enjoy” — she really does enjoy going online, logging into her favourite online gambling platform and then getting lost in what is essentially the joy of playing some of the games. I was a bit sceptical of course and against my better judgement almost dismissed her “strategy” as one of those empty, nothingness mantras you sometimes hear from motivational speakers who are trying to sell you some sort of seminar or training programme and I really almost reduced it to one of those smoke-and-mirrors attempt at keeping her “secret” to herself, because quite frankly if you’ve really discovered a way to make money that is really effective for you, who would you want to share it with without at the very least getting some form of compensation for it? You’d perhaps share it with your closest friends and family members provided the information sharing thereof has no way of compromising the effectiveness of that money-making channel through something like saturation.

So getting back to the strategy — a very effective strategy as it turns out, it is indeed simply a matter of engaging in online casino games that go down as fun. To prove this to me as she appeared to read the scepticism on my face and I guess perhaps hear it in my voice as well, this semi-pro gambler invited me to sign up to the main platform she uses to make her money online through gambling —

What I got exposed to was a whole new world of online gambling which I think would be better referred to as online gaming — the type of online gaming you’d do purely for fun. You see so many people trying to play poker online when they don’t really enjoy it or understand it. It’s a shame because they won’t be making substantial winnings. They’d be much better off playing BandarQ, which is one of the most straightforward, understandable games among poker. You can find a great site for BandarQ by searching for ‘bandarq online Indonesia‘. Again, only play it if you truly enjoy it though.

We momentarily got lost in all the genuine fun some of these game titles have to offer and I can safely say I found out for myself that if you focus on the fun aspect of these games and you just happen to have live bets going on, you’re more likely to walk away with more money than you started off with.

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