Magento: A Platform To Create E-Commerce Retailers

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Magento is open source software coded in the PHP language. It provides a platform to create online marketplaces where billions of users can view and buy products over the Internet.

Magento development exercises a complete control over the website and maintaining its overall functioning.

Features of Magento Development:

Magento has an enriched framework with unique features. All the capabilities of the software aim to gain maximum customisation and ease of use.

Themes: All the themes can be customised to change the appearance of the web pages. The developers can alter the code written in HTML, CSS, and PHP to change the look and feel of the template.

Plugins: Magento development is incorporated with built in plugins. You can even download multiple plugins from the Internet to add extra functionality to your web pages. The plugins must be uploaded to the server once they have been downloaded.

Integration: Magento makes it possible to merge various domain names into a single control unit and use them from a single administrator

Robust: Magento is a robust and secure platform to make online transactions.

Why Choose Magento Development: One of the the top-rated e-commerce software includes magento development. A plethora of flexible and robust features helps you to create efficient online stores.

Analytics: Magento is integrated with the Google analytic tool which keeps a track of the traffic of a particular website. It lists all the details such as order made, purchases done, most viewed products, product review, cancellation of payment process and maximum sold products.

Managing Product Catalogue: It allows the developers to configure all the products based on size and colour and other specifications. You can set multiple attributes of the entire products and make a classification. The products can be ordered according to the brand and price.

Viewing Products: This attribute covers complete details of the product. Different images of the product with zooming capability are uploaded. The visitor can view the image from all angles before making a deal. The customers can read and write their view point about any product. You can add shortlisted products to the wish list to buy them later.

Search Engine Optimisation: The Magento development is SEO-friendly. Basically it is designed to meet all the standards of search engine optimisation. You can add meta-description about all the products and categories. URL rewriting i.e. modifying the existing URL’s is the most prominent one.

Advertisement and Promotion: Marketing strategies include advertising on social media, free delivery options, announcing sales and discounts on specific products. They are used to engage in the visitors on the website. You can even display the most recently viewed and compared products on the website. Rich site summary helps you to maintain all the important data of the website.

Checkout and Payment: Magento development provides SSL security support for making online transactions. All the payments are made through secure PayPal gateways. The payments are integrated with Google checkout, Amazon, and Authorise. Net checkout modes. The customers can track all the order details once they have made the order.

Consumer Service: It provides facilities to address the queries and grievance of the customers. Tracking the orders of the client, resetting passwords in case of wrong password and creating contact us forms are the main aspects of the customer service.

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