If You Own A Mac, You Need A VPN – Here is Why

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It’s a common belief that Mac devices don’t need antivirus protection, as they are targeted less than Windows by hackers. It’s also believed that Macs are better prepared in the face of potential cyberattacks, compared to other operating systems or platforms.

While this notion might be true, all platforms, including Mac, lack a truly important and useful component called VPN. Here, we cover the VPN basics as well as its benefits for Mac users. If you have a Mac, don’t miss this article.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) expands a private network across a public one, enabling the user to send/receive data across shared or public networks as if his/her device was directly connected to the private network. A VPN helps enhance the functionality, security, and management of the private network. It enables access to websites and services that are not available on the public network. A virtual private network is generated by setting up a virtual P2P connection via dedicated circuits or using tunneling protocols over existing networks. 

VPNs can boost your online privacy and security. To preclude private information leaks, VPNs usually allow only authenticated remote access using tunneling protocols and encryption. A VPN provides confidentiality of data, sender authentication, message integrity, and much more. 

Why you need a good VPN on your Mac

With a VPN for your Mac, all the data that travels between your Mac (also iPhone, iPad, etc.) and the internet goes through the VPN connection, which encrypts the data, making them unreadable to identity thieves, hackers, your ISP, and even government officials.

Using a VPN on your Mac is as simple as installing an app and logging in to it. It makes you essentially invisible on the web and hides your browsing activity, online purchases, login credentials, and most importantly, your location by masking your actual IP address. This provides a wide range of benefits.

How does a VPN benefit your online life on a Mac?

There are several benefits you could get from a reliable VPN for your Mac, including:

1. Data protection

VPNs work to hide your online activity by transferring your traffic from your ISP and third parties, via an encrypted tunnel to a secured server, changing your real IP address.

An activated VPN can prevent your ISP, or any intruder for that matter,  from peering into your online activities, browsing history, and personal info, and selling them to advertisers and data-hungry organizations.

Apple has a built-in antivirus for Mac that protects you from cyberattacks or hackers. But using a VPN for added security is highly advised since any cyber protection on your Mac ends after your data is sent over the network.

2. Streaming video content 

A big advantage of VPNs is being able to access streaming services that are not available where you’re located. Mac users with a VPN can easily stream video content from other regions or countries by circumventing geo-blocking.

Prominent streaming services apply regional blocks to stop viewers from accessing their libraries of popular movies and TV shows. Good VPNs, with acceptably fast servers, help you find and watch your favorite show the moment it’s been released anywhere in the world, without buffering or delay. 

3. Access to geo-restricted websites and online services

Some Wi-Fi networks, such as those in schools or workplaces, block certain content, such as social media. Also, countries with strict Internet censorship and surveillance like China restrict access to a vast portion of the internet. A good VPN, allows you to securely gain access to blocked websites, no matter what network you are using or which country you live in.

4. Online anonymity

Online privacy is crucial and increasingly hard to maintain. Without a good VPN, companies such as Google, your ISP, and governments can easily track your internet activity. VPNs typically encrypt your traffic, making it untraceable by authorities and your ISP. Even pesky snoops won’t find out what you’re up to on your Mac.

5. Secure torrenting

A VPN is particularly important for a Mac user who torrents files. Even if the content you’re downloading is perfectly legal, your ISP may want to sabotage you. ISPs typically throttle their users’ connections while torrenting in order to stop them from exploiting their paid bandwidth and potentially force them to upgrade their internet data plan.

On the other hand, torrenting puts you at risk of being hacked, because sharing P2P files exposes your device and identity to others on the same network. If someone is interested in targeting you, without a VPN, your personal data could easily get compromised.

Also, at times, torrent users don’t get what we expect, and you may unwittingly come across illegal content. A VPN can certainly put your mind at ease if you accidentally download copyrighted files, making sure your activity is not linked back to you.

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