How to optimise your ecommerce site for Pinterest Lens

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Visual search changes the buyer journey drastically. It makes it easier to find products of the valtrex or valtrex 500 mg or event valtrex pricing page we know we want, but it also lengthens the product research part for those who are unsure of what they would like to buy. For example, Pinterest is one of the main tools for visual search and is well ahead of other brands in rolling out new technology within the application.

The Pinterest lens allows you to search for images based on something that you see in real life. Whether it be food, clothing, home furnishings – you can search for absolutely anything. Once you take a photo or upload one from your photo library, Pinterest Lens then searches its database for images that include similar objects to the one in your shot. You can then find the right products right away and link out to buy the product.

It is vital to optimise your site for Pinterest Lens so that your products can be found and purchased when they are relevant to the searches that people are making. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Upload your inventory to Pinterest

You can choose to upload your products by sharing them through Pinterest or create posts directly on the site and enter the information manually.

To post to Pinterest, you must first make an account. You may choose to use your brand name or remain anonymous; it is really up to you.

  1. Map keywords to images

When you upload pins to Pinterest, you’ll be prompted to add them to a board. So now is a good time to create one.

You’re going to want to order your images into folders that are based on stylistic/ aesthetic similarities. So if you sell a range of products you can choose to group them based on linking factors. You can also add pins more than once, so if you feel they can be added to more than one board, go for it.

SEO Practices

  1. Remove clutter from images

Images should focus on the item you want to be found. If there are a lot of other products in the image it may be best to switch it out for a less cluttered one.

  1. Keywords

If you already know which keywords you need to target, great. If you aren’t sure which keywords are suitable for your business it is best to do some extensive research to work this out. Keywords are an extremely important part of any marketing campaign/ endeavour and need to be though about very seriously.

If you need help with your key words, get in touch with a high-performing digital agency and they should be able to offer you a package that includes the creation of effective key words for your business.

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