How the internet escaped these 5 industries from liquidation

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We’ve had 20 years of the internet blazing a trail through the life of the consumer and the business. Businesses have either learnt to adapt to the changes the internet has wrought and stay out of business debt, or they’ve sunk without a trace in the realms of liquidation. Many have ended up fighting business debt with winding up orders and liquidation killing their businesses for good. The expanding network of the globe has really helped some businesses to broaden their horizons and increase their customer base. But this hasn’t been the case for everyone who’ve found the internet a beast they cannot control.

If you check out the infographic you’ll find 5 industries with businesses that have managed to fight their way out of a business debt and make it. They’ve used the internet to their advantage and come out liquidation, winding up petitions and problems paying HMRC corporation tax., the company who created this infographic, have been offering a helping hand to struggling businesses with their business debt advice.

How 5 Industries were Changed By The Internet

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