How infographics can help you to simply communicate your greatest achievements

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When it comes to digital marketing it’s vital that you’re utilizing every channel to promote all areas of your business. This may mean looking into hiring a Denver digital marketing agency or a marketing agency within your location so you are covering all your bases. Social media marketing is a superb way of highlighting some of the achievements you or your business have made, as well as providing potential clients with food for thought when looking to hire your services. But what sort of content really accentuates this? Infographics are one of the latest pieces of content creation that are proving useful for businesses. Here’s how they can help you to promote your greatest achievements.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

When it comes to content on social media, visuals are king. According to studies performed by the University of Rochester around 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brains is of a visual nature. This means that if you’re only showing your clients and customers reems and reems of texts, it’s not going to be creating the impact you’re looking for. Infographics combine images, words, and graphic design to really transmit a message to your target audience. The visual element of infographics will improve the chances of your customers storing the information within the graphic and remembering your achievements.

Infographics create a 12% increase in web-traffic

Continuing on the wavelength that visuals are king. It’s also said that images on social media are a lot more successful than those posts without. Images are said to account for around a 12% increase in web-traffic across your social platforms. Why not post an infographic on your social media pages and watch the web-traffic soar? Furthermore, social media users are almost twice as likely to click an image than simply scrolling through some text. Make sure that your infographic stands out and that it’s gaining some prominent publication time on your websites and social platforms.

Infographics are more sharable than standard text

Thirdly and finally, it’s a simple fact that infographics are much more shareable than standard social media posts. The combination of art, words, data, and graphics squeezes all the important mediums together to create one straight-forward aesthetically pleasing package in the form of the infographic. It’s well worth hiring a quality graphic designer to design some infographics that are really going to highlight your brand’s achievements and take your business to the next level.

Now you’ve gained a better understanding of what infographics are and how they can benefit your business, it’d be a good idea to fire up those social media platforms and get posting. Whether you’re looking to promote some of your increased revenues, amazing staff retention, or some qualitive achievements that you’re business has experienced in the previous year, an infographic is a great way of providing an interesting engagement spot to highlight these achievements. There’s an essential range of digital marketing services and advice across the web, don’t miss out.

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