How hotel companies can encourage travellers to share their positive reviews online

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When travellers many years ago enjoyed a holiday somewhere special they could spread their praises through word of mouth. Now tourists can instantly share their thoughts online through review sites and social media by writing about it and putting up pictures. What hotel businesses want from travellers is for them to tell others about their positive experience, and for them to return to the accommodation in the future. What is a huge influence on potential customers is when they see a good review online about a hotel, as this encourages them to book a room. Hotels should certainly try and get their guests to comment positively online.

There are many methods in which visitors to a hotel can be asked to share their view on the web, so companies should put them into use for some good publicity. What firms must do is offer ideas for what travellers can take photos of and the hashtags they can use. A pretty picture of the hotel grounds and gardens is some ways better than a review. But, in order to urge them to take photos of the hotel, it is important to maintain the hotel well. This involves rigorous cleaning, a task that can be entrusted either to the in-house cleaning staff or by outsourcing to commercial cleaning services in Maryland (or elsewhere). The goal is to create an immaculate and inviting atmosphere that not only ensures guest satisfaction but also encourages them to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors through their online sharing.

Travellers who see this will get very excited about heading to the residence to experience this scenery for themselves. Hotel companies should also offer details about where tourists can go for a walk or do activities near the lodgings that tourists can put on social media platforms afterwards.

Having a hotel social media plan is very important as businesses need to be prominent online, and advertise their profiles on the hotel website and app. Smartphone usage has increased significantly over the years and travellers will most likely put their reviews online through their smartphone. Hotel firms should be encouraging travellers to share pretty photos and views of their property online. There could also be guest in-app incentives that ask them to share their thoughts on social media profiles. It is important that other tourists get to hear and see the plus points of an accommodation and top reasons to stay.

What travel companies should be acutely aware of is that sometimes tourists are unhappy with their experience. In this situation if they are already at the hotel then say for instance they do not like their room, staff members should move them to another living space. They should then be encouraged to tell people on social media that they are in a better room. Any comments online should be monitored and a reply given immediately to either thank the person for their review, or to explain the situation if there has been a negative comment. Hotel staff members need to reply within 24 hours to all good and bad comments online.

Travel companies should recruit the experts at World Hotel Marketing who will look after their social media strategy ensuring they care for their clients. What they do best is to monitor what works and give regular reports on the company’s online presence. They will offer details about how the company is doing and social media plans as to how to progress. The consultants realise that the real-time engagement for tourists is what entices tourists to use social media and they will capitalise on this to attract them to reserve a room or suite.

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