How computing has revolutionised the investment world

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Where would we be without computers? Back in the age of phones and faxes for all communications needs, or actually having to go out and meet people, that’s where. At times, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting, but living in a globalised economy makes this time-consuming and expensive.

It’s why computers have transformed the world of business, enabling people to communicate by apps such as Skype wherever in the world they may be, and freeing up time – and money – to invest in further business development.


Investing online

There was a time when the only way to invest was to put your money into a faceless pension fund or sign up with a financial adviser to get investment advice. Paying in to a pension scheme is certainly a useful way to invest for the future, and having a financial adviser to help guide the new investor through the intricacies of the financial markets can be very useful.

Yet technology today has opened up the world of investing for those who wish to take more control over where their money is placed. A myriad of online tools now allow anyone to get involved in creating and managing an investment portfolio, working to build up returns that will not only ensure that life after retirement is financially secure, but also to develop financial returns to help out children and grandchildren.

Tools and apps

It’s no longer hard to find extremely useful online tools and apps to help develop and manage an investment portfolio. It does require careful thought because there are different risks when investing that some people are comfortable with and some are not.

Some powerful tools and apps can help investors – whether entrepreneurs or individuals – not only track how their investments are doing but also provide options for investing at a very low cost. For instance, there are applications for crypto investments (click this link here now to explore such apps) that can facilitate customer experience by providing a platform to buy, sell, share, receive and manage diverse digital assets. You can also access infographics on profits and losses as well as value variables for various currencies.

Moreover, with management software for other assets like stocks, you can also get additional details on your investments. With weekly summaries of how accounts are performing and alerts that focus on top gainers and losers in the portfolio, along with the option for automated investing, there are plenty of opportunities to keep control on a day-to-day basis. Such information on stocks and other funds can be easily tracked and managed through mobile and computer.

Top investors

It’s not always easy to get investments right. Riskier ones can make a lot of money relatively quickly but if they go wrong, the money is lost. People have different appetites for risk and that’s why there is such a range of low, medium and high-risk investments available.

Arbeitsbesuch Libanon, Vizekanzler Michael Spindelegger trifft im Rahmen seiner Nah Ost Reise den designierten libanesischen Premierminister Tammam Salam in Beirut. 13.04.2013, Foto: Dragan Tatic

Arbeitsbesuch Libanon, Vizekanzler Michael Spindelegger trifft im Rahmen seiner Nah Ost Reise den designierten libanesischen Premierminister Tammam Salam in Beirut. 13.04.2013, Foto: Dragan Tatic

Looking at the highly successful M1 Group, based in Lebanon and co-founded by Lebanon’s Prime Minister Najib Mikati, one can see that technology has been the key. This international organisation has used the internet to develop its investment reach. It has been able to tap into a wealth of financial and company information worldwide, enabling its leaders to make investment decisions that have a wide community benefit.


Leaders of companies need to embrace technology. Those who have, give themselves a major advantage when it comes to their business dealings and the realisation of their development plans.

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