Helpful iPhone Apps of 2017

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As technology has evolved, we have been given the gift of the cell phone and as capitalism dictates, different brands entered the arena. Between Android and iPhone, we have the choice of how we communicate with our loved ones.

However, if you have had the privilege of owning an iPhone, you are among the millions of people who enjoy the benefits of using iCloud, having a camera that has made the digital camera obsolete, and FaceTime. You might also know the pain of dropping your iPhone and worrying about losing all of these great things the device has to offer. By finding the right mobile iphone repair service however, you will save money on buying a new device and be FaceTiming your friends again before you know it.

Along with these advantages, there have been several helpful apps associated with the iPhone, as well. Here are three of the best.


There are people who march to the beat of a different drummer and sometimes that drumbeat plays out a new song. In the old days, you would have to make sure to carry a knapsack complete with a notepad and pencil.

Then, you have to have the time to sit down and write out the magical lyrics inundating your mind before you forget them. With the TabBank app, you are already set up to lay down your imaginative lyrics and the music for each line.

No cumbersome knapsack, no fumbling with paper and pencil, and since we all remember our cell phones more often than we remember important birthdays, you’ll never be without the tools needed to further your music career simply because you forgot them.


How many of you can’t fall asleep at night until you have recorded the events scheduled for the next day and everything you will need to get those things done? There aren’t many of us, especially as we get older, that can remember every doctor’s appointment, PTA meeting, and friendly get-togethers scheduled without the assistance of some help.

Some of us set alarms on our phone or cover the fridge in post-it notes and some record every date on a calendar. With that said, even that doesn’t always help the more visual prospect. With the iPhone app, Nine, you can record everything you need to keep up with and add a picture to the reminder to help you recall the details.

Mortgage Calculator

In the world, today, there are few personal dreams larger than owning your own home. Homeownership affords us a piece of life that we can claim as our space. Not only a place to hang our hat, but to build security from the tidal wave of the world and live out memories that we can hand down to our children and will last for centuries to come.

One of the more confusing aspects of purchasing a new home is figuring out what your mortgage will be. A mortgage is based on how much you can afford to put into your down payment, the price of the home, and the interest rate that is enforced at the time.

With the Mortgage Calculator Plus app, all you have to do is plug in the proper number in each blank and press enter. As easy as that, you know whether or not you can afford the payment on a prospective new home.

In the golden age of technology, iPhone is making it easier to live life uninterrupted. Take advantage of the chance to have a smoother day with the apps in this article.

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