Google it or Ask Siri? The Unknown Feud

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Google basically rules the world. Okay. Google and Apple rule the world together. The funny thing is that the two are basically arch nemesis competing for the market, which is the whole of the entire world. Essentially, that way it goes down is the world has been so focused on “IPhone v.s. Android” that they’ve completely stopped paying attention to what Google is doing behind the scenes.

Google has completely integrated IOS, and Apple is realizing the consequences of this. You can’t ask Siri for anything without her pulling up a Google search. Apple has already cut Google Maps out of the equation, as well as stopped having Youtube as a default feature on the IPhone.

Is there an underlying feud and competition for the market by Apple and Google that could lead to all consumers having to choose a side and pay the price?

Google it.

Google is the search engine of all search engines. For years “Google it” has usually been the answer for everything. That is, until Siri came around. Unfortunately for Apple, Siri is having troubles winning over the market.

Google offers so many diverse services including Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and Search. Google Adwords is one of the most popular ways used to boost business success. Google has taken over and if Apple doesn’t do something about it, Google could quite possibly be the new owner of the IPhone.

Ask Siri.

How loyal are Apple users to Google apps? If Apple stopped offering any Google apps on its interface, would people make the switch to Android? This is a question Siri probably can’t answer. The truth of the matter is that Apple is stuck in an interface that doesn’t allow it to grow outside of the boundaries it has created for itself.

Google is limitless and people already don’t like the changes that Apple has made. This includes Apple Maps and Apple Music. Apple is holding up their eind of the fight and are not budging in regards to allowing an app for Google Maps on the IPhone.

Who will win the feud in the end? Can one live without the other? It seems like a rather symbiotic relationship, but if Google eventually owns the IPhone and consumers decide they’d rather have Google apps over the Apple brand, than Apple is in for trouble and has a lot of decisions to make.

You as a consumer will also have a choice to make. One day, probably sooner than later, some big changes are going to occur and might have to decide whether to stick with Apple or make the switch to Android. Hopefully the two will sort out their issues and you won’t be forced to choose.

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