Get Paid for Doing What You Like – Gaming as Income-Yielder

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The dream of many adults is to get paid for doing what we like to do. There is a horrifyingly low number of people who actually hate how and what they do for a living. To invert that trend, people should be offered different kinds of jobs. One of those people-friendly ways for securing existence is playing games. It might sound dreamy-ish, but it happens in reality and today you can actually profit from such things.

Gaming-Related Activities


When we say that people can get paid through gaming, making money from gaming-related activities is also a fair and legitimate shot. Gamers are similar to epic fantasy enthusiasts with all the folklore they make hype about. In accordance with that, they are already doing many things that just need a little back wind to let them earn money.

  • Writing about gaming experiences

The great thing about playing video games is that you can start a gaming blog and get other people’s opinion on your attitudes and experiences. Although a large part of the gaming feel-good impact comes from the surprise factor that every new game brings, people like sharing their gaming expertise and a blog is a great place for doing that. And after a while, you could find sponsors or companies who will place ads on your blog to capitalize your knowledge.

  • Reviewing new games

Being a member of the gaming community includes analyzing all the aspects of video games. As opposed to the experience-sharing blog function, reviewing should be more analytical and similar to newspaper articles. If you prove to write both witty and useful critical pieces, you will have more chances to start writing like a pro for a gaming site or magazine.

Straightforward Income from Playing Games


Now let’s get down to the real stuff – the actual playing and earning money by doing so.

  • Boosting

One great way to earn money whilst gaming is to become a booster. A dota mmr boost service or similar boost service allows experienced gamers to play for others who are paying them to do so. People may pay a booster to increase their high score or to get them to the next level, so a booster is likely to be playing a wide variety of different games each day as they move from job to job. This is good for gamers who don’t want to be playing the same game over and over again, as some other jobs require them to do.

  • Entropia Universe

First of all, this game will be played mostly by economy enthusiasts. Secondly, the moment they realize that the currency in this game – the Project Entropia Dollar – has a real-value exchange rate towards dollars, it will make them even more engaged in the game. You also have typical gaming tasks, like special missions, in addition to the economy features, which all make this game a great MMORPG.

  • Diablo 2

When Diablo 2 was released, people soon realized that this exciting game gives them a possibility of earning real money through selling items acquired through their real game results. That way you could sell runes, as well as weaponry, armors and many other Diablo 2 items, whose number expanded in the next sequel.

New Trends


Gaming and the chances of making money through sheer playing are becoming even subtler these days. We all know how WoW players sell in-game gold for real cash. It is interesting how today parents and children can actually run a family business of earning and selling game items to other people.

Also, if you want to experience a unique space adventure in which you travel the universe in a slot machine, play Starbust. It contains real money and asks for both intelligence and undivided attention.

Nowadays the opportunities to get paid by doing anything online are better than ever before. It seems that the trend will keep developing and since we know that gaming is at its all-time peak, you should try your luck and gaming skills and earn for a living by playing video games.

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