Gaming on tablet devices: The pros and cons

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As technology has advanced over the last few years, the number of people playing online games on their tablet devices has also increased. Tablets are no longer overpriced and many of the finest iPad devices can be bought for an extremely reasonable price. Many enjoy the larger screen and take advantage of games and applications such as Doodle Jump, Temple Run and Snapchat on the clearer device. Furthermore, users can partake in slot games at or some of the other online options, or roulette and card games, too. We discuss just a few of the pros and cons of gaming on tablet devices and give our thoughts on the best games to try out.


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More accessible

Such is the sheer size of the iPad compared to other devices, it is far easier to play games on a tablet. You may get a better picture resolution on an Apple Mac, but the iPad still has a fantastic screen and is clearer than most other tablet devices. In a way, the iPad is a bigger (and better) iPhone and some models, including the Apple iPad Air and the Apple iPad mini, can be found on the shop shelves for under 200. When you consider how much the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 costs, an iPad is very reasonable. Also, the fact that you can play some of the very best games on the iPad means that you will not miss your old PlayStation too much.

Can play on the move

Unlike the stationary Xbox and PlayStation devices, you can play iPad games on the move – which is hugely important for hardcore gamers. With Game emulators like those found on sites similar to Gamulator (, there is no longer a need to sit in the same room and play games on your own, as you can play classic games – including Worms and FIFA 15 – on the iPad when travelling around. This means that you can enjoy playing these games ‘on the go’ and can also enjoy the benefits of online casino rooms without attending offline establishments.


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Lack of space on the device

As with many Apple devices, the iPad can struggle with memory problems. Although you may purchase a 32GB iPad, due to software updates and other information, you won’t receive the full 32GB of data – with many people needing to free up space on their device. Meanwhile, and in direct comparison with gaming devices such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the device often struggles to perform updates to the system – which also affects the memory on the tablet. Some of the Xbox and PlayStation devices have over 500GB of storage space, a figure that the iPad struggles to compete with at this moment in time.

No physical keyboard can be a pain

Although you can get detachable keyboards, it can sometimes be a pain and they never seem to work as well as real laptop keyboards. In a similar way to stationary gaming consoles, you have to physically type while playing games on the device. Xbox and PlayStation are one step ahead as they allow gamers to communicate via Bluetooth headsets, no matter where in the world they are situated. It may not be too long before Apple introduces similar software for their online games.


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