Focus with Business Mentoring

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Business Mentoring could be just what you need to get your business back on track and you passion back in your life.

Remember your ideas and passion for your business when you started – what happened?

I tell you what happened, the everyday jobs and drudgery of doing anything in this world, that’s what happened. Stiffled by red-tape and other often nonsensical distractions we lose not only or business focus, but our business passion too.

So what to do to find our way back and out of the ‘back-office’ nightmare that most small and midsize business owners live in every day?

It may be difficult to open up to strangers, but they offer something you don’t have – a uncluttered view of the world you try to do business in.

A good mentor will only ever ask pertinent questions, thay are not there to make you decisions for you. They are however someone to talk too and will help you to find your own answers.

A good place to start is the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs – have a look and find the right mentor for you.

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