Find a Printer Based on Your Needs

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There is always a temptation to be persuaded by price rather than features when you are choosing a new piece of functional business equipment like a printer, but that could turn out to be a mistake that costs you more money than you originally saved in the long run.

A good strategy would be to ask yourself a set of pertinent questions about what you intend to use your printer for the most and what features you really don’t need at all.

If you are in constant need of producing high quality prints for example, it makes perfect sense to try and find a printer model which scores heavily in this area from customer feedback and product reviews.

Another relevant question is whether you are intended to install the printer for us in your home office or whether it will be used in a standard office environment. Size is one issue that is relevant to this question and you probably don’t want a printer which is going to monopolize a fair amount of your home desk space.

This infographic offers a handy guide to the different sets of questions you should ask before deciding on which printer to choose.

If you are a high-volume user and regularly print in excess of 1,000 pages or more each month, that will help to dictate the type of printer you should buy as cutting corners and buying one that is not designed to cope with such industrious output is a false economy and often won’t last as long as a slightly more expensive model which is fit for purpose.

The key is to not simply be influenced by the price tag, but to also ask what you expect your printer to do for you when it is installed.

Infographic source: Stinky Ink


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