Exploring Android’s Nougat 7 Update

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Dubbed their “sweetest release yet,” Android’s 7.0 Nougat update definitely lives up to its billing in developing on the back of what the consumer market indicatively wants out of the operating system which runs on their device. I say device [singular] because that’s generally what the theme of the update is about – much greater personalisation, as is suggested by the latest Android Nougat update information for Samsung devices, amongst others.

I’ll get into the details of the personalisation topic in a bit; I just don’t want anyone to stop reading because they think this is the greatest take-away from the update…


Okay, perhaps I should coin a new phrase (if it doesn’t already exist) right here, right now, that being double-tasking as opposed to referring to it as multi-tasking proper. That’s what the Nougat 7.0 update comes with – the ability to run two apps at once, something which was perhaps high up on the list of desires for those who argue that mobile devices are moving in the direction of completely replacing the likes of laptops and desktop computers.

What this means is that you will be able to text while you’re busy watching a movie on your device, for example…err, your poor battery!

Getting (more) social with it!

With 72 new emojis added to the existing 1500+, there is no shortage of deadly-accurate channels of expression. It’s a bit like those “They should create a ____ emoji” memes doing the rounds on social media had the right people watching, on which advice they duly obliged.

The killer punch delivered with this particular portion of the update however is that of the ability to use more than one language at the same time via the multi local language settings.

Greater personalisation

Another strong case in the argument for the PC slowly being replaced by equally powerful mobile devices, there are now lots more ways to make your Android device, well, YOURS! For the first time Android users will truly feel like they’re in full control of how their device uses data with the Data Saver feature that limits the access background apps have to the cell data.

Additionally you can also enjoy full reign over how your notifications are delivered, so no pulling out your hair at the thought of just how useless it is having the same Facebook notification delivered to you via your Opera Mini browser and your native Facebook app, for example…

Better user experience

User experience has been the buzz-phrase for quite some time around the entire tech world for a while now and now Android has also jumped on board with this update. Yes, simplicity proves to be the ultimate feature of efficiency as users can now change the size of the text on their devices in addition to the size of the icons! Good show for those of us with fat fingers, so too for those with sub 20-20 vision.

There are many more features to look forward to in this update, such as Doze, which is a much more effective battery saver.

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