Expand Your Business Network With Coworking Office Spaces

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The coworking space is a fun, energetic environment in which to grow a business. At the same time, these spaces are functional ones that can bring your UK business so many benefits. More than being a cost-efficient way to manage your business, the coworking space gives businesses a host of opportunities to grow their business.

One of the leading advantages behind the coworking concept is the focus on social interaction in the coworking space. In fact, some coworking spaces have combined the atmosphere of your local coffee house with the professionalism of the office to create a workspace that is comfortable but supports industry. Take a look at Servcorp Coworking UK at http://www.servcorp.co.uk/en/coworking/ to see how this office space has managed to provide great workspace to its customers.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use networking in the coworking space to expand your business.

Start With Small Talk

One of the best places to network is the workspace. Small talk can be the beginning of not only great relationships, but they also can be a place to set the foundation for building relationships in the space. Talk about your industry and theirs, and then if possible, share a meal with them, if not in the space somewhere outside.

Furthermore, these small conversations can be icebreakers and allow you to put your feelers out in the coworking space. As your relationships in the space begin to grow, try to sit with your coworking buddies to establish some permanency. This can be the unofficial glue that creates relationships.

Spend Time Pitching Ideas

When you have established your team, set aside time to pitch ideas. You can spend the first few minutes in the morning tossing ideas around, or you can make it a lunch or dinner event. The only caveat of taking this activity outside of the space is that between the drinks and the food you might become off topic. Alternatively, the coworking space can, for even five minutes, give your team the chance to pitch ideas in a comfortable environment. 

Create Teams

The coworking space is such that there are so many professionals of diverse backgrounds so there are loads of options when it comes to creating teams. Keep in mind also that these teams can be fluid too and teams might interchange as the projects change. When you have established a team of professionals with whom you would like to work, consider reserving space in the conference rooms to flesh out ideas that can be further developed.

Host An Event

One of the best old-fashioned ways to get people familiar with your business is to host an event. With a team or by yourself, consider hosting events that introduce the public to your product. As a team, consider hosting an event to launch the culmination of a collaborative product, and by yourself, you can introduce your product line or service.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Use social media marketing to attract businesses to your company. Social media is one place where businesses can really create a solid brand identity. In fact, take your cues from other companies in your industry and look at their own social media pages for inspiration on how to develop yours. While you do not want to rely on it solely, social media is one way to connect with others in the space but with the public as well.

Use The Coworking Concept To Network

There are several opportunities to network in this space because coworking is more than just providing office space to professionals. The concept’s focus on social interaction is the basis of creating an atmosphere where people can get together in a comfortable space and work without the anxiety that comes with competition. Being able to take advantage of its fluidity, coworking professionals will find that the coworking space provides more than workspace to its tenants.

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