Does not Commute speeds its way into the Google Play Store

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Mediocre, the developers who brought us Granny Smith, have just launched a new strategic racing game called Does not Commute into the Play Store.

The aim of the game is to get everyone to their designated places on time. In the beginning, you start out with a set time limit as you begin to control your first car to its destination. Once your first driver makes it from point A to point B, you move on to the next driver. Once you move on, you’ll need to avoid all of the other drivers you previously guided to their destinations. It’s easy at first, but once more than 5 or 6 drivers are added to the mix, things can get very frustrating.

You only get 60 seconds to navigate everyone to their destinations, but you can pick up time bonuses hidden throughout each map. You can also rewind cars if you crash, but that will take off one second from your total time. You’ll also be rewarded power-ups along the way, like power steering and turbo.

The game is free to download and doesn’t have any ads. To get the ability to continue from any checkpoint, however, that will cost you $1.99 via an in-app purchase. We really urge you to download this game if you’re a fan of Granny Smith, Smash Hit or any other awesome game that comes from Mediocre. Head to the Play Store link below if you’re interested.


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