Do You Need a Virtual Waiting Room?

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The last time you were in your doctor’s waiting room, did it feel like you had gone back into a time machine to the 1950s? Even with today’s knack of adding medical information screens while you wait to find out just what your doctor saw in that X-ray, you can feel like you were in a way-back machine as you flip through old magazines and check your email inbox for entertainment while you wait. Luckily, some buildings with waiting room areas are getting wise to the new way of things and are going onto websites like to gather ideas for their waiting rooms so they can keep their patients, clients, customers, etc. entertained as they wait for what can seem like hours. Doing this can potentially reduce the anxiety and stress of waiting so they are not agitated for their appointment. For many visitors to your website, the same kind of experience can happen when your website overloads from a too popular offering or simply a technical glitch. But if you have a virtual waiting room to keep those visitors cool calm and collected, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Here are a few reasons why.

The Future Is Calling You

Most of us spend the vast majority of our lives online these days, and that includes your customers. Before we further delve into how the online world has shaped our lives, if interested, you may want to take a read at this blog – here that explains the vital concepts of virtual networking. While we all love it when a marketing campaign yields us the kind of interest that can cause a site to crash, we don’t like the idea of all those potential customers going away because of that crash. For time sensitive offerings the ability to have your customers queuing up for that special product may be just the ticket your company is looking for when your site becomes momentarily the site of the day. But it has its costs too.

Keeping Your Cool in the Heat

Let’s say that your company has exclusive rights to a special event that is coming to your city. It might even be one that you are hosting as part of an unveiling of a new product. Everyone is so excited that this event is happening right here, and the media has been golden about getting the word out. The only problem is the big question of whether your site can handle the rush when tickets are announced. Back when telephones were the only way to order special event tickets, you could hire someone to sit on the phone and keep dialing until they got through. Now, with a virtual waiting room on your site, your potential clients aren’t tied up trying to get online. They, and you, can keep your cool when things heat up.

Take a Number

Knowing that you have a place in line, one with a number that tells you exactly where you stand, can help keep hot tickets hot. It can also make those potential clients more patient as they want to be part of this event even if it means they might wait a minute or two while your servers handle the flow of interest. From the first moment that they arrive on your site until they leave a satisfied customer, your virtual queueing can help to keep the momentum going on your event or item. The next time you are standing in your favorite bakery, holding that little numbered ticket so you can pick up your favorite coffee and pastry, remember virtual queuing and that little virtual waiting room. It is the ticket to success.

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