Creating a Positive Workplace

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With the majority of employees spending up to nine hours per working day in the office, the importance of a positive workplace cannot be overestimated. And yet, some of the most common work complaints are to do with stress, office politics and feeling generally undervalued.

Creating a positive workplace is not only beneficial when it comes to staff attitudes, but it also improves overall engagement, productivity and increases staff retention and loyalty. Make a positive workplace your priority and see how it can make a difference.

Highlight the importance of staff health

A busy workplace means most employees don’t have the time to eat well. Many spend their precious lunch break at their desk, rising only to get more coffee or a quick sugary snack from the vending machine.

Poor eating habits contribute to more than bigger waistlines. Without proper nutrition, energy levels drop, resulting in a lack of productivity and employee engagement – as well as a lot more sick days.

Make staff health a priority by getting fresh fruit delivered each day from – an easy way to get delicious, seasonal fruit delivered straight to your workplace.

Make employees feel valued, not intimidated

Stress is a common complaint in the workplace, which in turn leads to employees feeling undervalued and overlooked. While some employers feel that the best way to ensure productivity is to foster such stress and uncertainty through intimidation, studies show that happy employees are more productive. Perhaps it would be more effective to give the employees time to de-stress and relax before returning to work. When people are stressed, they are often not working to their best potential. Perhaps some employees might want to buy cannabis flower by mail and see if that helps them to relax and reduce their stressors. Hopefully, they will be able to return to work happily.

Employees who feel valued and satisfied by their work are much more positive about their work in general. This feeling of goodwill encourages creativity and innovation in the workplace in a way that a culture of fear and intimidation can never achieve.

Share common goals with employees and show them that their success and professional development is important. Staff retreats, training days and other positive initiatives help employees feel wanted and important. Organizing virtual team building activities during work from home scenarios can also help alleviate the stress of the team and could help increase their efficiency substantially.

Consider the best ways to express thanks

Motivation is important to ensure results. However, many different things motivate us to do better each day. Simply recognising a job well done or thanking someone for his or her hard work can make a huge difference to employee self-esteem in general.

We all want recognition for our work, so by making the effort to express your thanks, you create a positive working environment where people strive to do better simply because they are motivated by feeling valued. Ensuring that employees feel appreciated instantly reduces stress and increases employee engagement, as they know that their success doesn’t go unnoticed.

Overall, a positive workplace is fundamental to ensuring lasting employee motivation, engagement and productivity. See if you can transform attitudes with these simple tips.

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