Career options for iOS professionals

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Mobile app development is consistently ranked near the top of “hot” job lists for 2017. The demand for tech professionals and, in particular, iOS developers is growing, as enterprises now recognise the importance of reaching billions of customers using Apple mobile products worldwide. This means that there are an abundance of job opportunities and niche roles for iOS experts.

Becoming an iOS professional is easier than you think, but you will need to learn a few skillsets to make yourself a leading candidate for hire when organisations look to bring an Apple expert on board. Getting up to speed with Swift and iOS is obviously essential, so make sure that you’re comfortable with basic syntax and the Foundation framework at the very least. Combining your iOS knowledge with software craftsmanship is recommended, as you need to know how to structure, test, debug and build software. Becoming an expert then requires additional work and education, so focus on a particular facet of iOS and build and exhibit your work via social and a personal website.

Career building

Building on your initial endeavours is perhaps the most important stage as you seek employment on either a short-term or permanent basis. The best means to finding a job for your career choice is via IT Recruitment Specialists. When applying for jobs, it is up to you to convince a prospective client that you can work on time and within a budget to achieve their business goals.

Career options

iOS developer

iOS developers generally work within a team of engineers to design and build mobile applications for Apple devices. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement new features, work on improving application performance and unit-test code for usability, reliability and robustness. Experience in iOS development and working knowledge of general mobile tech and architectures is essential for this role.

Digital project manager

A digital project manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of a range of digital projects, including mobile development, web applications and site launches. Experience with mobile apps is key for this role, so iOS expertise will stand prospective candidates in good stead. A broader knowledge of software and SEO is also required for this role.

Application Security Engineer

iOS experts with an understanding of security design principles and software vulnerabilities should be well served when applying for roles that are focused on security engineering. Knowledge of iOS security and programming languages is important for this role, as you will work closely within a team to design, build and verify solutions internally.

Content author 

iOS mobile and app experience will enable you to apply for digital content author roles. This job requires content management skills, experience within the digital space and strong communication acumen. As with many digital and e-commerce roles, iOS is vitally important, but you will need to supplement your Apple-focused expertise with a broader mobile and digital skill set for a more rounded and complete resume.

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