Buying a home in 2022 checklist

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If you’re looking to get on the property ladder this year, knowing a few tips and tricks could really help. With the property market booming and houses flying off the shelves, knowing how to get your dream home at your dream price could make a big difference to your 2022. So consider what your main priorities are when it comes to buying a home and you could be moving sooner than you expect.

Rural or city

One of the main things you want to consider when buying a home is what kind of location you want to move to. If you’re a busy young professional that wants to live as central to the city as possible, something like shared ownership homes in Croydon may be ideal for you. If you’re looking for something with a little more space with plenty of places to go for walks and to do exercise then a shared ownership home in Medway could be the perfect place for your lifestyle. Considering just what kind of pace of life is right for you is a good place to start when it comes to buying your first property.


Another key ingredient to understanding what kind of property is going to be best for you is how much space you need. Deciding if an apartment is better or a bigger family home is the perfect is essential to ensure you’re happy with your move. With shared ownership, you don’t have to compromise on space so don’t feel as though you have to squeeze the 2 kids into one bedroom if you feel you can’t afford it. Shared ownership allows you to buy shares of your home overtime so there’s no hefty upfront costs and the mortgage is much smaller.

Schools and catchment

Another point that you want to consider when buying your home is catchment areas. As something that might slip your mind when deciding on your dream home, knowing what schools are around and their OFSTED status is pretty important if you have little ones to consider. Shared ownership homes in Sevenoaks are served well by the outstanding schools in the area and offer great connections to London and Kent while being surrounded by green space.

How to buy your home

While you may be ticking off what you want from your home, how you want to buy your home is a big one too. With plenty of ways to get yourself on the property ladder, have a good think about what could be the best method of buying for you. Shared ownership is a great way if you don’t want to pay a big deposit and would rather buy your home at a pace that suits you rather than all at once. Help to Buy is also a very beneficial option with 5% deposits and 20% equity loans on the house that racks up zero interest for the first 5 years. And with plenty of these homes in various locations across the UK, you can fit your budget as well as your main priorities whatever scheme you may want to go for.

So whether you’re looking at shared ownership homes in Lewisham or a help to buy home in Newcastle, get clued up on your options and you could make 2022 your year for settling down.

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