Benefits of Single Sign On Solutions

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Everywhere that business is conducted online, log-in systems are necessary. For example, a customer signs in, fills their cart, and uses their saved payment information to complete the transaction. Because a log-in is necessary for almost every different service, even between those on the same network, it’s not unusual for an individual to have dozens of different usernames and passwords to access their numerous accounts across the web. While this is what people are used to, it’s not ideal – and that is where single sign on solutions (SSO) can change things.

What is SSO? It’s an access method spanning several independent, but connected systems. What this means is, instead of a user having numerous unique log-ins for each separate service, they may be able to use a single log-in ID. Sometimes, this can mean that the user can simply use the same log-in credentials to gain access to each system – or, more conveniently, a single log-in session can automatically grant them access to any connected service as the user accesses it. More technical information can be found here.

The benefits of using an SSO solution are numerous. For the user, convenience is the most obvious benefit. Without being interrupted, a user can navigate between several services quickly and easily, without the inconvenience of needing to log in to each one. From a business perspective, creating such a positive user experience is an important aspect of building and maintaining success. Other benefits include simplicity, efficiency, security, time, and resources. You can read some other opinions of the benefits here.

Efficiency is the main motivating factor of an SSO. It is the true benefit of utilizing such a solution. From a business perspective, consider that several connected ‘shop fronts’ can be networked with a Single Sign-On. Suddenly, customers are free to jump from page to page, viewing different products and different stores, without the hassle of needing to re-register and log in. This, of course, leads to a positive user experience, repeat business, and more sales. Behind the scenes, the managers of these shopfronts now have a secure, network-wide user access system – with only one set of private log-in information to store and protect. This also means, only one tech support system is set up to deal with user inquiries. If the business does not currently have a tech support system then they may want to look into IT managed services in Denver or wherever they are based, so they can find what they need to keep everything running smoothly.

In summary, smart utilisation of a Single Sign On solution can do wonders for any online service – particularly when they span over numerous different front-ends. Whether an end-user or an operator of an online business, good single sign-on solutions can change the entire landscape of your online experience.

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