Are Printing Products Still Valuable in Today’s Digital Age?

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One of the most frequently asked questions by the small business owners nowadays… “Are printing products still valuable?”

The quick answer is “YES.”

There is still a requirement for printing products in advertising and marketing.

Print media are substantial, portable, and flexible, they can be conveyed by a person without the need for modern technology. To have this type of media made up in the form of books, magazines, brochures, etc. websites such as are used to help add to the print media needed in certain businesses.

A persona can easily feel the composition of the paper, turn the pages of a magazine, and see the splendid hues shine on the page of a photography book.

Printing products can help you get more traffic to your site or it can inform you of exciting offers and discounts at the local shops.

It can be the littlest printed teaser card to produce abuzz of a new shop opening. A printing product can engage people, collaborate with them in ways the web can’t. Print has the assorted qualities of having the capacity to stand alone or work with other media to create powerful marketing campaigns.

Why Should You Invest in Printing Products?

  • Printing Products Have the Power to Build Your Brand

Printed distributions and other materials are a superb approach to building up your brand. It permits you to bring the taste characteristics of text style, hues, pictures and composition that establishes brand recognition. Here’s an example:


  • Printing Products are Tangible

Pamphlets, publications and different sorts of printed materials are physical things. These things can stay in workplaces or homes for a considerable length of time or even years after they are received.

  • Printing Products are Credible

Printing products will give you an excellent feeling like the inclination you get when you see your most loved magazine on the rack. You can put the printed piece down and also come back whenever to continue reading. A printed product always draws the attention of the readers.

  • Printing Products Help to Reach Your Target Market

The design of the company ads in newspaper, publications and magazines can offer you some assistance with reaching your target audience, whether it be a specialty business sector or the overall population. By utilizing the information of demographics, you can deliberately put your image in the perfect spot at the ideal time, in front of your target audience. At the point when a customer reads a printed material, they are more engaged than digital ads. Here’s an example,


  • Old is Gold!

The old has turned out to be new again as print turns into the new trend. Advertisers have more data and information to settle on choices about buyers, content, consumption and collateral types. Buyers’ and prospects’ email inboxes are flooded with spontaneous ads and non-commendable news, the vast majority of which is generally disregarded. Considering this, planning and sharing an awesome printed marketing product should be high on your list of key advertising initiatives.

Why are printing products better than web materials?

Direct mail marketing association demonstrates that campaigns that combine direct mail printing products with digital advertising yield up to a 30% higher response rate than using only digital ads. There is a simplicity with printing products that you don’t get to onscreen content, a feeling of being more dependable. For example,


Actually, numerous studies have demonstrated that printing products are still viewed as more credible than online material. For example, you can notice the people reading books or magazines and those who are reading web pages on their tablets or laptops. People reading books or magazines are more relaxed and spend more time on each page than people reading web pages.

This is why printing products are more perpetual while the web is liquid, information can be changed effortlessly or even deleted.

How to Create Powerful Printing Products?

Creating an extraordinary library of printed materials and publications does not imply that you abandon your internet promoting endeavors. Coordinating your digital and print advertising makes your campaigns stronger.

Here are 3 ways you can make your printing products more interactive…

  • Graphs and statistics can be dull, yet arranging them as an infographic permit you to draw the attention of your target audience in outwardly memorable and engaging. Do not forget to include a digital copy of that infographic online with the goal that it can be shared by your clients and prospects.
  • QR Codes: An extraordinary approach to attract your target audience to a website or web page is to know more about your products and services. QR codes are simple and can be customized according to your needs.
  • Social Media: Do not forget to add your social media tags and icons in your printed materials to take the discussion on the web. Post engaging articles, videos or images online that fortify your printed message.

There are too many practical uses of printing products and if you are one of those who think about printing products, Orange County printing company provides printing solutions to small and medium size businesses.

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