A Peek Behind the Scenes of a Highly Technical Job

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Here is what we know about how road safety issues like crashes and deaths happen, and how to prevent them:

First, we look at all the different crashes from all the different causes.

Like the weather on the last day of your holiday, we can predict how an incident will play out, given the preceding sequences of events.

This is called a “pattern of behavior”. We know that, in some ways, road safety outcomes are similar across countries, and crashes caused by the behavior of commercial drivers (which could be surveilled using dashcams installed by companies like Lytx) tend to be often similar in nature. Crashes are also similar to those caused by other vehicles and the ones occurring with impact to structures such as buildings.

Using this pattern of behaviour we can see what situations lead to crashes, what steps to take to prevent crashes, and what does not cause crashes.

Some of the resulting behaviour patterns are the same, some are different. The patterns all change, however, with the interaction of drivers, drivers behaving in similar ways, different conditions on the road and also traffic and road characteristics.

First, we collect crash data from all of the crashes, anywhere in the UK, throughout the year, for the past 30 years.

Second, we look at how crashes occurred, how drivers behaved, and other factors that are correlated with crashes like weather and traffic.

And then we look at these linked patterns of behaviour. We try to reverse engineer the interaction of factors to be able to predict what actions lead to crashes. And we calculate the costs of crashes.

Third, we create road safety interventions and results, and the results of these interventions are then published in the British Road Injury Study, and in other studies.

The UK Road Safety Study looks at crashes that occur on roads, or on the footpath, and tries to reverse engineer the overall behaviour patterns to be able to predict crashes.

The overall aim is to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and deaths, however we do not look at accidents occurring on private or public spaces such as parks, stadiums, shopping centres, etc.

If we do not prevent crashes occurring then we do not reduce the costs of crashes. We also do not reduce the cost of crashes to drivers.

We are creating road safety interventions to try to make roads safer and reduce crashes.

Our interventions are designed to affect behaviour, and behaviour can be changed.

We know this from looking at drivers’ performance on the roads.

The UK Road Safety Study examines how good drivers behave. It is also a reaction to a whole range of public sector interventions which aim to change driver behaviour.

The studies look at the implications of interventions, such as increasing fines, restricting a driver’s licence, installing different traffic signals, changing street design, changing road signage, making roads more forgiving of collisions or making roads much more likely to be clear of accidents.

It is important to show these interventions do work, as many people who visit our platform think our technical skills are limited to the “soft” tech that goes into some of the best mobile casino platforms they enjoy gaming effortlessly on.

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