5 ways to encourage business by phone

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The amazing array of functions and possibilities afforded by a smartphone can make it seem like an indispensible tool for businesses seeking to gain or preserve their edge. However, if you run a company staffed by people who still seem convinced that they should keep phones well away when working, it’s time to change that. Here are a few ways in which you can encourage your employees to pick up their handsets and make a habit of putting them to many different corporate purposes.

Buy phones – but inexpensively – for your workers

Of course, many of your employees will likely already have smartphones. However, you might want to hand them phones to be used strictly for business; after all, those phones could meet your company’s needs better. They could, for example, be more secure and easier to put your choice of enterprise-friendly apps on. Still, to stop the costs stacking up to a dauntingly high extent, sticking to cheap handsets, such as Android and Windows phones, might be for the best.

Choose a business-friendly operating system

Nonetheless, you should look carefully at what a phone offers before you actually spend precious money on it. While a broad range of business-oriented apps is available on iPhones and Android devices, you might consider Windows phones best for business use specifically. This is because your employees likely already use Microsoft products like Windows and Office on their work computers; thus, compatibility issues between the computers and phones can be less likely.

Choose an OS that can be kept secure

Another advantage of choosing a Windows phone is that the operating system will receive regular security updates from Microsoft. Similarly, iPhones receive such updates from Apple and Nexus and Pixel phones are routinely patched by Google. However, most Android phones do not get regular security fixes. This can be problematic if sensitive information is often handled on workers’ handsets, as you don’t want to leave numerous security holes open for hackers to exploit.

Enable workers to keep their phone numbers in and out of the office

Your employees might have phone numbers that are displayed on the company’s website, making it easy for customers to reach them. However, what if those numbers are connected strictly to office phone systems? This would prevent workers being able to take customer calls when they have to make business trips… unless those numbers can be instantly and seamlessly transferred to mobile phones. Capital Telecom offers numbers that can indeed be used in this flexible manner.

Carefully consider what apps your workers will need

You also need to think about how easily those apps can be used on different devices. Let’s assume that you want your employees to often use the apps Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber for videoconferencing. These apps can, on the latest version of the iOS operating system on iPhones, use the native interface. Therefore, as a Cisco executive has explained to PCMag, international calling and Wi-Fi calling can be easier for employees who are travelling with fully updated iPhones.

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