5 Ways Technology Could Make You Famous

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Technology has given us a broad range of opportunities that were not possible before the creation of the web. The dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur or even a famous rock star is not as far fetched as it was twenty years ago. Technology has leveled the proverbial playing field.

Social media and a load of other websites host an endless stream of comedy, music, art, business, and many other forms of expression. Here is a quick overview of a few of the heavy hitters in the industry of social expression.


First and foremost, it is crucial to be passionate and creative on YouTube. It is not easy or simple to derive a sizable following. There are millions of YouTube users, and they all want to be seen. Individuality is vital to success.

Start by making shorter videos. Put the time and effort into their creation to ensure the videos are as high quality as possible. Have at least ten solid videos before beginning channel promotions. Once one of the videos hits with a ton of views, start posting as often as possible to maintain interest.


With Tumblr, tags are everything. It is imperative for users to research how to utilize hashtags correctly. Hashtag masters have power… moreover, followers. Choose an interesting theme to blog and post regularly. Keep people invested. Talk to them.


Facebook is one of the easiest tools technology has gifted humanity. The tangled web of likes and shares can explode a user’s visibility in an instant. As with any social media site, the time in which a person post matters. Facebook’s busiest time is in the evenings between 6-9pm.

When it comes to posting, delete posts that do not produce 15-20 likes in the first five minutes. Facebook algorithms are extremely complicated and obscure, but it is quite evident that posts that receive several likes in the first few minutes shoot straight to the top of everyone else’s news feed.


Twitter is a place where people go throughout the week to check in on things. It is important to know what is entertaining folks while they are on their lunch breaks. Be engaging, transparent, and original when attempting to draw attention on Twitter.

Do not be too good for people. Communicate with followers and be interactive. Also, follow like a spammer. Every time one user follows another, it draws extra attention and visibility to the account. Keep posts short, and remember that pictures are important!


Instagram is one of the most populated platforms involved in social media. Over 200 million active accounts share 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day. The possibilities are astronomical. Often, account owners choose to buy automatic Instagram likes, which leads to the gaining of natural engagement on their posts and therefore popularity on the social media platform. For example, when a post has a lot of likes, it will come up on other accounts as a suggested post to view. This will increase your viewings, possibly your likes and then hopefully your followers – which means your account is becoming popular.

Get creative with hashtags and jump into popular conversations for a bit more visibility. Set the account to seek approval before being tagged in other people’s pictures, so the photos that are displayed are only the best of the best.

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