5 Critical SEO Errors to Avoid with E-commerce Web-sites

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Today more and more people turn to either creating new business online or transferring their existing one into the Internet sensation. They all try hard but still cannot reach the desirable result. Unfortunately they all make mistakes and usually same ones. If you are an online store beginner then with this article we want to help you avoid such pity fails and describe them below so that you can grow your business faster and easier.

  1. Lack of Product Description

This is one of the most frequent errors usually  made by online gift stores and online clothing shops. If your products have no description of a product at all, you unfortunately lose customers and also the chances that your page will be in the top 10 of a search engine query are equal to zero.

Exactly because of this critical fact according to ICM reviews you need to add proper description to every single item on your web-site. It does not mean that you should write everything about the product, but the basic info should be present so that search engines and your perspective customers will understand what they are dealing with.

  1. Using Product Descriptions from Manufacturers

Most people believe that this is perfectly enough if you just add a description for an item directly from a manufacturer. Unfortunately this is a completely faulty logic. By simple copy-pasting you will only not attract any customers but will also be banned by the search engines at all!

It happens because such descriptions are distributed to a lot of online stores. It means that all of them become non-unique and so filtered from Google search. The rule here is to create unique content. You can rewrite the same content in different words leaving the main ideas because Google become smarter and smarter today and so should you.

    1. Lack of Product Reviews

According to the latest research, about 70% of all buyers are looking for products reviews in the first place. They look for them in the online stores and on forums before actually making a purchase. It means that if you have no reviews, then you simply miss a very large percentage of your perspective audience. Furthermore, ecommerce SEO basics claim that it is much easier for review pages to reach the very top of search results than for ordinary selling pages.

  1. You Do Not Optimize Product Pages Basing on the Search Demand

Make sure that you take into account the demand and search for keywords that people are actually typing into the search engines when you write various headlines for your online store’s title pages and product descriptions. Otherwise, you may appear in a situation when you try to promote something that no one is in fact looking for. This is probably one of the most common mistakes that stores with a great variety of different goods make. As a store owner or operator, you won’t want to make these mistakes and may instead look for a reputable SEO company to help you increase your rankings and the keyword optimization on your website. You can find more info here regarding proper SEO practices for eCommerce sites.

    1. Non-Unique Titles

And the last thing that was mentioned in the article of one digital marketing agency Toronto is connected to writing titles. When writing title tags pay attention to their uniqueness and try to avoid identical values. It is the basic rule of digital marketing that many have stopped observing.

Here experts also give an important tip for nailing down the right keywords. You need to survey your customers in order to see what language they actually use when talking about the products you try to sell. Pay attention to the structure in which they make the searching phrase and take it as a clue for creating your context.

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