4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Cloud-Based Anti-Spam

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You already know that spam emails are those sent in bulk from unsolicited senders. It’s a problem almost as old as the internet itself, and it’s probably one of the first issues you heard about when you first signed up for email as the technology was kicking off a few decades ago. We’ve come leaps and bounds, and one of the most effective ways businesses are now fighting back against spam is by adopting cloud-based anti-spam software like Radware cloud protection solutions.

Here are just 4 advantages such programs carry.

  1. Spam is Stopped Before It Reaches You

You probably have plenty of spam sent to your email account already. Just check your junk folder. It’s nice to know the spam you’re sent isn’t going to clutter up your inbox, but it’s far better when the spam doesn’t reach you at all. Cloud-based programs make that happen. Incoming emails are filtered for spam, with priority placed on filtering out emails that contain malware, viruses, or phishing attacks.

  1. Pricing is Flexible

Most businesses migrate to the cloud partly to cut down on costs. Cloud-based anti-spam solutions can also be economical because pricing plans tend to meet your needs exactly. The cost should be lower than what you’re currently paying, and you’ll usually have the option to pay in monthly instalments. With the cost fixed month-to-month, budgeting will be a lot easier.

  1. You Can Respond Quickly to Threats

Cloud-based services are always connected, so a cloud service provider can respond as soon as a threat is detected. Of course, it’s very unlikely that this will ever happen since cloud-based anti-spam programs have access to large networks that let them stay ahead of the latest security threats, but it’s nice to know that assistance will come quickly if it is ever needed. Security threats can be further kept at bay by deciding to implement a type of Secure Web Gateway, that you can find from somewhere like Fortinet, to further reduce the risk of a threat contaminating your network or cloud-based device.

  1. Updates Take Place Automatically

People who send spam messages are always working on how to get their messages past the latest anti-spam software, which is why installing the latest upgrades is so important. However, it can be easy to lag behind and leave your account vulnerable. This is unlikely to happen with a cloud-based anti-spam program since updates will be taken care of automatically. You’ll always enjoy cutting-edge protection.

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