4 Common Reasons Why Your Businesses Internet is Slow

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It wasn’t too long ago that using the internet would always mean waiting a while for web pages to load and applications to download. However, if you have recently decided to look at internet provider deals, from somewhere like Compare Internet, you will have found that the internet is now faster than ever when it comes to transmitting data, and that makes it ideal for everything from online conference calls to simply keeping up with your emails.

Unfortunately, many users still find that their internet is running far too slowly. If that happens when you’re using a personal device, it can be annoying, but a slow-running business network can seriously interfere with productivity.

Here are just four common reasons for a slow internet connection.

  1. Improperly Set Router

Your router is the centerpiece of your network, handling all data that comes through and goes out. However, not many people know that the router can sometimes be set improperly. For example, the MTU setting could be set too high or too low for your network. Many of those setting problems can cause your network to run slowly. So, if you do not have a reliable service to help you solve the internet issues, try to contact RCN Internet as they have the option of 24/7 customer support.

  1. Malware

If your computer becomes infected with malware, it’s almost certainly going to start running slowly. Viruses and trojans can be problematic, but they’re also quite easy to identify. One issue that isn’t is computer worms. These spread through a system and consume bandwidth, which can cause your internet connection to feel much slower than normal.

  1. Background Processes

Sometimes your internet will be running slowly because of perfectly legitimate software. Unfortunately, a lot of that software will install and run background processes. They can do useful work, but having too many running at once can seriously slow down your system, so make sure you check for any programs running in the background if you think your internet could be a little faster.

  1. Poor IT Setup

Finally, it could just be that your IT network has not been set up very efficiently. This is often a problem that smaller businesses run into. If you are using poor equipment or have hooked things up in a less than professional way, your internet speed could be compromised, which is just one more reason why you should rely on dedicated IT support instead of tackling such tasks yourself.

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