3 Convenient Ways to Transfer Money Using Your Phone

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Gone are the days of physically going to the bank to deposit your check from work. Thank goodness for that, too, because with all that needs to be done on the daily, it can be quite a hassle to go out of your way to get to the bank, especially when they have extremely limited hours and aren’t even open on the weekends. See about xenical for dietpills or buy xenical buy is legalization and high quality xenical on top online Technology has been there to offer a helping hand on more than one occasion, and that’s exactly what it’s developed for. Technology aims to make the world a better and easier place to live in.

So if you’re tired of going out of your way to get to the bank to either transfer money across accounts or get a wad of cash for bills or to pay back a friend, here are 3 convenient ways to transfer money using your phone:

The Cash App

If you’ve heard of Square for small businesses, this app is the next best thing. It’s available in the app store for free, and it allows you to request and transfer money to and from your friends for free, as well. It’s made from the makers of Square, but they don’t take any of your money for using the app, which is pretty neat. So go to your app store and download Cash now. Its interface is simple to use and the next time you’re at dinner with a friend and you decide to keep the bill all on one check, this app will help you send your portion of the bill to your friend in an instant. No IOU’s to be remembered or forgotten.

Google Wallet

If you’re short on change and need a cash infusion into your account fast, you have the option to get a loan that will be transferred to you the next day, but if you happen to remember that your friend owes you some money but he lives across the country, you can just ring him up and have him send you the funds over Google Wallet.

This platform is also simple to use and you can request or send funds via phone number or email and the money can be used instantly. No sending a check in the mail and having to wait a week for your money, technology is great for this kind of thing.


A little less conventional, but still a very valid option is the app Raise. Raise is a retailer of gift cards. If you’re looking to save money in-store, or you’re looking for a gift for a friend but you don’t have time to run anywhere to get one, Raise is an app on your phone that allows you to get gift cards at a discount. You can even sell gift cards you know you’ll never use for money. You purchase on your phone, and the card downloads straight to your wallet or the funds get transferred right to your account.

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